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Fall In Love With Your Car All Over Again

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Reignite your passion for your automobile with some nifty modifications!

It’s easy to love a new car — that smell of a new car, thrill of the drive, and the anticipation of embarking on weekend road trips — every day is filled with exciting possibilities! But when the dust has settled (literally), the coat has lost some of its shine, and the cabin starts to smell like old socks, that spark may disappear.

Before you find yourself eyeing newer or younger models, why not give your trusty ride a second chance and rekindle your love with these simple steps?

Spa for your car
Treat your car to a nice grooming service. Spend one-on-one time with your car — use a proper hand shampoo to wash the exterior and clean out the interior as well. This will bring back the sparkle to your car, making it look and smell as good as new in no time. If time is a premium, leave your beloved in the hands of professional groomers. It may be costlier, but they offer a more thorough rejuvenation of your car. To keep the interior continually smelling clean and nice, try fitting in vehicle air purifiers. These easy-to-install systems protect against harmful dust particles and gases while eradicating food and other bad odours from the car cabin. You can choose from a range of car care products online at the AA Shop.

Buy it some nice ‘shoes’
Transform your ride by upgrading the car tyres and rims. Like brand-new shoes, these can help to add new life to your car. The rims add that extra oomph while better tyres can help to improve the handling and performance, injecting much life and love into your daily drive. Avoid upsizing the wheel size — they may look good but your ride comfort may suffer. Check your car manual to make sure you keep to the recommended specs for your car.Get some cool shades
If you have been hot under the collar in your car for all the wrong reasons, solar films go some way towards keeping your car cabin cooler. Get a good set that will keep 99% of harmful UV rays out to protect yourself and your car’s interior. They also keep the glare of the sun out for a safer drive. We recommend you get it professionally installed so you don’t have to deal with air bubbles. You will also receive advice on what films to use to keep within LTA guidelines.

Wrapping is a good option if you are thinking of changing your car’s colour. Instead of shelling out money for a costly respray, wrapping in plastic foil or vinyl resembling paint is a simpler and cheaper option, and it comes in a spectrum of colours and graphics. Note that the more complicated the wrap the costlier it will be, so plan ahead.

Protect your investment
Don’t forget to keep your car safe and secure after investing on all of the above upgrades. You can install an in-car camera to keep an eye when you are driving or when your car is parked. Some systems offer front- and rear-view cams with wide-view angles to capture more details. Some with lower power consumption offer longer recording life and ease of sharing via Wi-Fi. Check the AA Shop for more cam options and specs.

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