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Energy-Efficient EV Charging

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Singapore is preparing to introduce more charging stations in private residences by looking to smart load charging management systems. This move will not only help private residences to be ready for electric vehicles, but relieves the load currently borne by public charging stations.

As part of Singapore’s on-going electric vehicle (EV) integration, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) launched the Electric Vehicle Common Charger Grant (ECCG) in July last year. Targeted at condominiums and private apartment residences, this grant is an early incentive to non-landed private residences (NLPRs) to set up EV chargers on their premises. The grant will co-fund the cost of a total of 2,000 EV chargers at NLPRs.

The ECCG covers three upfront cost components of the charger installation. These are the charger system, licensed electrical worker fees, and cabling and installation costs (capped at $1,000). The grant covers 50% of the above components subject to an overall cap of $4,000 per charger. To facilitate energy planning and more efficient electricity consumption, only chargers with smart functions will be covered.

Unlike traditional charging devices, smart charging stations allow the station owner to monitor, manage and restrict the use of these charging stations remotely to optimise energy consumption. These devices can be modified effortlessly to add or remove features and functions to help create the best system to suit the needs of the owner. This in effect makes them future-proof and highly flexible, something that will not only be beneficial to the owners, but will also assist Singapore in its energy infrastructure planning.

As the local EV adoption grows, and more charging stations are added to the power grid, the ability of the authorities to plan and efficiently utilise the grid is paramount to avoid overloading. In this respect, the connectivity of these smart charging stations with real-time data ability will be helpful for the overall management of energy consumption in Singapore.

These smart chargers are touted to be able to manage a number of scenarios, such as irregular or variable energy production, the amount of localised (in a specified area) electricity consumption, the number of vehicles being charged simultaneously, or the number of electrical devices being used in nearby premises. These smart systems allow for the juggling of these and other scenarios to create a more sustainable energy system, and will automatically use the maximum amount of energy available to power up the EV as quickly as possible.

These chargers will automatically test the connection between the EV and the charger to determine that it is safe to do so before they start charging. This will reduce the possibility of an electric fire or short-circuiting of the building’s electrical system. Any problems can be monitored remotely, which will be a boon for residences that have limited staff.

With smart billing and consumer identification, it will be easier to identify consumption data so that there’s no dispute on the amount of energy consumed by neighbours or visitors to the residence. Depending on the NLPR’s policy on the use of their charging stations, the amount charged or restrictions to its use can be easily adjusted according to their needs or situation.

The ECCG will no doubt aid private residences to keep up with Singapore’s EV integration. As more of these smart charging stations are deployed, we will get to see how they perform in real world circumstances, and whether they will be a major component in Singapore’s EV landscape.

#Didyouknow AA Singapore has installed EV chargers that are open for public use, at the AA Centre, located at 2 Kung Chong Road. The EV chargers are rated DC30, and are capable of providing a 0–75% charge in 60 minutes (40kW battery). On top of that, AA Members can get to enjoy complimentary parking and make themselves comfortable at the Members’ lounge while waiting for their vehicle to charge.

For more information on EV Charging at AA Centre, click here.

*Subject to Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

– AA Members must show proof of charging cycle and are subjected to a minimum of 10kW recharge.

– Redemption of complimentary parking tickets at Level 1, reception.

Complimentary parking tickets are strictly on a first-come, first-serve basis and is subjected to 10 redemptions per day only.

– EV parking lots are strictly reserved for EV Vehicles with recharging activity and are subject to the availability of parking space.

– We are not liable to you or any person with you for: (a) injury to you or anybody else; (b) damage to, destruction of, theft of, or unauthorized delivery up of your vehicle or any other vehicle whether authorized or not; or (c) damage to, destruction of, theft of, or delivery up of any property (including anything in or on your vehicle or any other vehicle); howsoever caused, and you release and indemnify us from any claim which you might otherwise have against us.

– Users shall be responsible to pay The Management for any damage to the equipment, structure of and/or fixtures or to the trees, shrubs, or the grounds in the car park or elsewhere caused by the users for whatever reason. The Management shall have absolute authority to assess the cost of making good or repairing the damage and any statement issued by the Management as to the quantum of such loss shall, save for manifest error, be accepted as conclusive evidence that the amount thereon is due and owing.