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Driving After The Circuit Breaker

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After a long hiatus from driving due to the implementation of the Circuit Breaker, here are things you may want to take note of before taking your car out for a spin, now that driving restrictions are slowly being lifted.

After the long hiatus from driving during the Circuit Breaker (CB), most motorists would be raring to go. Things are slowly getting back to normal, and car-related services are opening up and operating again. But that also means more people are getting back to work and starting the old routine of school runs, meetings and appointments. To help ease yourself into the next few phases after CB, here are a few car-related things to take note of if you haven’t already done so.Get Your Car Serviced 
Make sure the important parts of your car are functioning properly. Pay extra attention to your tyres and brakes. Check that the tyres are properly inflated, especially if you haven’t driven much during CB. Driving on under-inflated tyres may lead to a blowout and endanger yourself and other road users. Do test your brakes before driving off, just to make sure they are performing well. For cars left unused for long periods, the engine oil may have accumulated carbon and sludge, and could be liable to degradation. For peace of mind, book a servicing appointment for your car.

Pay attention to your car’s interior and exterior as well. If you haven’t maintained your car over CB, spend some time giving your car a good rubdown. If you don’t have the time to do a proper clean-up, at least keep the interior clean and virus-free for the sake of your loved ones. Start with the areas that have high traffic use, such as the steering wheel, seats and car handles. Make sure you have antiseptic wipes handy to clean these areas and carry enough for any further use. Give the tyres and exterior of your car a good wash. If you intend to send your car for grooming, note that there will be like-minded motorists, so there may be a long wait for your turn.

Now that more motorists are out on the roads, congestion should be building up. For some, being away from driving for even a few months can be a little stressful. You may be a little rusty and unsure about dealing with traffic on the roads. Take your time to ease into the flow, and try to set off earlier to give yourself the time and space to get comfortable with the road conditions.

Be More Observant 
Unfortunately, with the ease in restrictions, you can expect the usual motorist types on the roads again. Reckless drivers will always be an issue, while others will be impatient because of the traffic jams and safety may be a concern if they release their stress aggressively. Take extra care and keep an eye out for errant cyclists and PMD users, not forgetting joggers and pedestrians, especially in school and residential zones.

With foreign workers who help maintain our infrastructure still possibly in quarantine, roadworks, repairs and resurfacing of our roads could be behind schedule. Do be on the lookout for wear and tear on certain stretches of roads, especially those with constant heavy traffic or routes with heavy commercial vehicles.

Keep to the speed limit and be mindful of potholes as these can cause a burst tyre. Take care too when you are driving by an area where roadworks have stagnated, allowing debris such as sand to blow over, making the roads slippery and tricky.

Keep to these simple steps, be safe, and enjoy your driving freedom again!

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