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Disabled Parking Advocacy

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Did you know that in Singapore, disabled car parking lots can only be parked by drivers and passengers with physical disabilities to embark or disembark safely? Yet in 2016, enforcement agencies have actually issued 2,200 summonses for the misuse of such accessible lots reserved for those with disabilities in Singapore.

As part of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) Disability and Accessibility Commission’s work on every-day mobility issues for those with reduced mobility, the Commission has produced “Would You?”, an advocacy video targeting the misuse and abuse of disabled car parking spaces.

The purpose of “Would You?” is not only to illustrate the impact this act has on disabled drivers, but also to reinforce taboo around this issue by comparing the misuse of disabled car parking spaces with other anti-social behaviours.

Source by Federation Internationale de l’Automobile

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