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Cycling Safely

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AA Singapore introduces the Busby Road Safety app and shares road safety tips on cycling.

AA Singapore held a complimentary webinar on road safety tips for cyclists and launched the ‘Stay Safe with FIA-AA & Busby’ campaign on Saturday, 13 November 2021. More than 40 participants attended and participated in the webinar.

Safety among cyclists has been an issue of global concern. It is revealed that in 2020, 556 cyclists and pillions were casualties of road accidents in Singapore, and 71% of accidents involving cyclists could be attributed to human error.

Responsible sharing of the road network entails anticipating possible risk situations, reacting appropriately in hazardous situations, and adopting a non-aggressive, cautious style of riding on the part of cyclists. Cyclists need to be aware of the different types of hazards they can encounter.

Research shows hazard perception training could account for an 11% reduction in collisions, potentially saving hundreds of lives every year. Common hazards include device defects such as faulty brakes, as well as potholes, stationary objects, vehicles approaching zebra crossing at high speeds, traffic junctions, vehicle door opening, and distractions.

As such, cyclists are advised to practise ‘SAR’ when approaching road junctions, informal crossings, zebra crossings, pedestrian crossings, and building exits or entrances. The acronym stands for SLOW DOWN or stop, see and hear; ASSESS the situation, anticipate the worst; and REACT to keep you safe.

AA Singapore partnered the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and cycling app developer Busby to launch a three-month ‘Stay Safe with FIA-AA & Busby’ campaign, which consists of bi-weekly challenges such as the ‘5KM Busby Challenge’ and ‘Bicycle Trail at Pulau Ubin’. Participating users are required to record their ride while using the Busbyapp and share their Busby experience and pledge on Facebook in order to stand a chance to win attractive prizes.The award-winning fitness safety app intelligently monitors outdoor fitness activities, such as cycling or running, and raises an alert if a user is unresponsive and requires immediate assistance.

Mr SY Loh, winner of the ‘Stay Safe with FIA-AA & Busby’ Challenge #1 (for the period 15–30 November 2021).

The app aims to make roads and trails safer for everyone, from cyclists and runners to e-scooters. It automatically detects if you’ve had a crash or a fall, and raises an alert to your emergency contacts. That’s not all — the new ‘panic’ feature allows users to rapidly share their location with their contacts at the press of a button. There is also a ‘GroupSafe’ feature that alerts riders if anybody strays far from the group.

In addition, a ‘hazards’ feature proactively alerts riders to any reported adverse road conditions, such as potholes or other dangerous conditions. What’s more, you can get rewarded for using the Busbyapp with a sweatcoin, which can then be used to redeem exclusive rewards, discounts, and products directly in the Busbymarketplace.

AA Members can register for this app for free at the following website: https://activate.busby.io/referral

For more information on the ‘Stay Safe with FIA-AA & Busby Campaign’ Challenges, Members can head on over to the AA website: https://www.aas.com.sg/events-activities/talks-courses-events/340-stay-safe-with-fia-aa-busby-campaign-2021-2022.html