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Considerations When Buying Travel Insurance

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Tips on ensuring you are well-covered when you take off on your next trip.

Travel insurance may be one of the last things we plan for our vacation. In fact, it seems almost an afterthought for some. While it seems almost taboo to think your travel plans may go awry, it’s always better for a trip to be memorable for all the right reasons.

Travel insurance covers a wide array of inconveniences and mishaps. From lost baggage, flight delay or cancellations, to medical emergencies and even hijacking of a carrier. It’s always best to compare insurers to see what they cover and if their premiums are competitive. Be aware of exclusions and various terms and conditions, for example, coverage for delayed luggage may not apply for the return trip back to Singapore.

Type of coverage
Look into the benefits and coverage that are relevant to your travel. If you are planning activities deemed risky like mountain climbing or off-road activities, do check that the coverage extends to these. If you plan on self-driving holidays, make sure the policy offers rental vehicle excess coverage. Check AAS Insurance for details.

Extent of coverage
Make sure the sum insured is adequate for your type and area of travel. Do your sums as it doesn’t make sense to pay extra if you are only travelling regionally, like on a three-day Bangkok break. If your destinations are to far-flung areas like the United States and for longer periods, do make sure your plan covers you adequately. Make sure that any family plan you buy should cover everyone in your travelling party. Young children below six months, elderly folks or someone with special needs may or may not feature in the coverage. Some insurers do not provide emergency-assistance cover for those over 75 years of age.

If you have a pre-existing condition, some insurers do not pay out claims made on anything related to that condition. AA TourCare Plus policy provides an extension to cover Emergency Medical Evacuation or Repatriation following a Pre-Existing Medical Condition at no additional premium; check AAS Insurance for more details.

If you are travelling to China, AAS Insurance TourCare Plus provides a Liberty China Card that waives the hospital admission deposits at designated hospitals. Check AAS Insurance for details.

Saving on costs
Buying your policy early could save you from the heartache and costs if, for example, your travel agency closes down a week before your trip, or your flight has been delayed or cancelled. It is advisable to buy your plans as soon as you book your trip.

Depending on how often you travel, you could opt for single or annual trip insurance. Annual travel insurance has a flat premium and covers you for the entire year of travel – a great idea if you travel frequently as it can save you precious time.

A little legwork will save you future hassles; so compare the insurers and their policies online and don’t forget to read the fine print before you commit.