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Write to us today at aasmail@aas.com.sg for any compliments or feedback on motoring issues!

I am writing to thank the senior technician, CHIANG BAN FOO, who came to assist me when my car broke down at Bishan St 11 on 23 November 2022. Mr Chiang came after an hour and half wait and sorted out the matter with professionalism and speed. I was very impressed with the “get-to-the-problem” attitude that he displayed.

I would also like to thank call agent, UMI, who assured me with her calm voice that help is on the way, when I called for help.

These individuals are a testament to your organisation. Many thanks

Chiang Ban Foo

I refer to my customer experience with JENNY prior to my trip to Ipoh and Cameron Highlands.

Jenny was accomodating and patient with handling our enquiries as it was our first overseas road trip.

She arranged to meet us after-work hours to collect travel documents and payment. She was also friendly and reassuring throughout the meeting and we did not feel rushed.

Thank you Jenny and AAS team (including Boon Cheng, Kim) for the wonderful support and fulfillment of our first road trip.

Sheron & Lionel

This is an email to compliment, IDROS for attending to my emergency at the Open Carpark at Woodlands Centre.

Mr Idros was attentive and was also concerned with the safety of my property in the car during the time he attended to me.

It is really assuring to have some so professional and caring while I am still reeling from my state of shock.

Thank you and I would like to wish Mr Idros all the best.

Christina Loh

I had the good fortune to be served by your road assistance mechanic, KAMALAN, who responded to my vehicle’s breakdown call at Pipit Road.

Special mention goes to Mr Kamalan for his experience and product understanding
in solving my problems and without forgetting his patience and politeness.

You should be proud of him!

Oliver Oh

I would like to extend my compliments and appreciation to your call centre officer, KATHERINE, for her excellent customer service.

On 21 Sept 22, I had a problem with my car as I could not engage the gears into any position. Ms Katherine promptly identified that I would need to tow the car to my workshop and she followed up on my case to try and get a tow truck asap and kept me informed.

I think this is indeed super service. Very much thanks to Ms Katherine.

K Jayaraman

Dear AA,

I am a AA Member, and recently requested for RAS. Your crew, Ismail, assisted to re-start my car. At the same time, he gave good tips on how to avoid battery drainage.

This is the second time he rendered assistance to me and I would like to record my gratitude for his excellent service and advice.

Thiam Por

Dear AA,

I would like to thank Mr Johar for his excellent service in checking and replacing the battery of my car this morning.

He was very helpful and patient in explaining the procedures, which puts the customer’s mind at ease.

Ms Jo who attended to my call was also courteous and responsive. It has made my request for assistance a pleasant one.


Dear AA,

Your staff, Uthaya Kumar, who changed my battery and helped to jumpstart  the car, had helped AA earned positive feedback.

Thank you again.

Siew Chen

Dear AA,

Wanted to drop a message of appreciation to Mr Neo and Catherine who assisted me when my vehicle was stuck along the flyover.

They were both patient when assisting me.

Special thanks to Mr Neo who went out of his way to help me. They are an asset to AA Singapore.


Dear AA,

I want you to know the excellent service provided by your Mechanic, RAHMAT.

When I requested for RAS, he called to say that he was on the way, and to retrieve the exact location of where my car was.

When he arrived, he found that it was the car battery which may cause the problem when the car door could not open with the car remote. He also asked questions such as if I have left the lights (interior /exterior) on, and if I noticed anything unusual. He checked again to make sure that I did not miss anything. Gave me some tips on how to check the tyre pressure.  Provided advice that I have 15 months guarantee for the car battery purchased from AA.

Thanks, and keep up the good work, Rahmat!

Soh Tin

Dear AA,

I would like to express my appreciation about the assistance rendered to us by Ms. BERNICE LEE.

Earlier last year, 4 other friends and myself embarked on a motorbike trip to India. Initially, we were unsure about the carnet application procedure, and hence, we called AA to enquire about the details and requirements.

Since then, we have been in touch with Ms. Bernice. She explained the details and documentation requirements to us and assisted to process our carnets for our trip promptly with high professionalism. Once the carnets were ready, she even organised a small briefing for the 5 of us on the Do’s and Dont’s with regard to carnet stamping.

Our trip were disrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic and we had to leave our bikes back in India  due to the closure of  borders. This also resulted in the expiry of 3 of our carnets. However, Ms. Bernice was very understanding and accommodative towards the situation, and she managed to extend our carnets promptly for us. We really felt nobody else in her position would have assisted us to this extend.

Overall, she was very patient and helpful to all our requests and she was highly professional. We really appreciate her help and we wish her the best.

Alfazid, Ubais, Jayan, Parthiban and Ganesan

Dear AA,

I’m happy to commend your excellent service given by your recovery staff, Mr IDROS.

He has patiently, and courteously performed his recovery action on my car battery.

Thank you and keep up the good work.


Dear AA,

I would like to compliment mechanic, Mr ABADI, for his excellent service.

He assisted in replacing my car battery. The response from my initial call to the actual assistance was quick and very much acceptable. To top it off, Abadi had taken the initiative to check and ensure my vehicle was in order before leaving.

Great job AA Singapore!

Poh Chuen

I am grateful for the assistance given by ELAN.

On 28 Oct 2020, my car was unable to start. Elan resolved the issue and went an extra mile of service by helping me to check through, top up the water level, and other components of my car to ensure that they are functioning properly.

I would like to congratulate AA that it has such a committed and professional staff in the team.

Siew Lay

Dear AA Singapore,

I was assisted this morning by a very friendly and skilled AA mechanic crew, IDROS.
There also was hardly any waiting time, as the crew arrived within an hour of my call to AA. Idros deserves our praise!

Kit Heeremans

Dear AA,

I am writing to highlight the professionalism of the car tow staff, N.KAMALAN.

The roadside emergency staff came onsite to assist me with my broken-down vehicle.

Upon arrival, the staff was calm and took good effort to identify the issue, educating me along the way as he does his work.

The staff was also professional to make sure I removed all the important valuables before he enters the car. The staff demonstrates helpful explanations and was clear about the options I can take as he guides me along.

Overall, the staff represented himself well for the roadside assistance company due to taking pride in work.

Eugene Ow Yong