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e electronicshome electronicsToo much clutter can affect our stress levels. These websites and apps will help you organise different areas of your home, so that your humble abode becomes an inviting haven.
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Decluttering can be a daunting task, especially when you have let stuff pile up over the years. If you are looking to make headway in this area, check out these websites and apps. Some streamline the tasks and make them easier to follow, while others help you review what’s actually in your home.


This 30-day game prods you to dump things that are not adding value to your life. It’s based on the Minimalism Game designed by organisation experts, The Minimalists. First, you make a list of the things you wish to dispose of. Then you proceed to ditch one item on Day 1, two on Day 2, three on Day 3, and so forth. You are encouraged to take a photo of the items you discard on the day and write a short note about each, re-establishing your decluttering goals. To further motivate yourself, you can share your progress on your social media accounts. Available on iOS and Android phones.

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TOSS, which stands for ‘Time, Organisation, Simplicity and Serenity’, is an app that assigns you a daily task you can complete in a few minutes. This makes it a godsend for hoarders and procrastinators. The goal is to dump something you don’t need — at least one item a day. Tasks prescribed include decluttering your utensil drawer, trashing old receipts, and tossing out old freezer food. You are also encouraged to donate, sell or recycle things instead of simply throwing them away. On top of that, being able to track the number of items you have chucked should make you feel more productive. Available on iOS phones only.

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The manuals, documents and papers that come along with your appliances and other home electronics add to the clutter in your home and can be hard to find. For easier access, photograph them on your phone and the app will detect warranties, manuals, tutorials and other information you may need. The app will store photos of the equipment so you have an inventory of what you have at home. Available on iOS, Android, MAC and Windows.


This app allows you to take inventory of your possessions and arrange them into lists, complete with pictures as well as your thoughts on each item. Once this is done, you can refer to the app to avoid duplicate purchases. For each item you add, ByeBye asks you to note down its price, the number of units you have, choose a purchase date, and take a photo of it. There’s also space to make notes about the item! If you don’t like it, you can add a tag, “Regret” to avoid making a similar buy.


According to Cassandra Aarssen — more popularly known as ClutterBug — there are four different organising styles: bee, cricket, ladybug and butterfly. Her multiple-choice quiz, which you can find on her website https://clutterbug.me/, determines which category you fall under by asking about your preferences around the house. Once you complete the quiz, you’ll land on one of the styles, along with a video of ClutterBug’s YouTube channel about how to set up a system that suits your style. To Cassandra, this is key to keep you motivated on your cleaning-up journey.

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On her website, Balance Through Simplicity, writer Antonia provides a plethora of advice on organising your home. Begin with her Declutter Starter Kit, a free guide and workbook to clear your barang barang and keep your home neat and tidy. It offers actionable steps that first gets you to question the reasons you hold on to certain things. You also get pointers on sifting through different areas of your life, from physical spaces to finances and paperwork.

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