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Clean Indoor Air

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If there’s anything COVID-19 has taught us, it’s that our health should be a priority. Air purifiers can play a part in providing pollutant-free air for our homes and offices, thus improving the quality of our lives.Research shows indoor air can be as, or even more, polluted than outdoor air. Smoke, fungal spores, and chemicals used in certain paints, varnishes, and cleaners have been shown to be harmful to human health.On top of that, poor ventilation in the home can trap indoor air pollutants. Over time, this could lead to a range of conditions, from mild allergies to serious respiratory problems.

With COVID-19, there has been a surge of interest in improving indoor air quality; at the same time, the demand for air purifiers has also shot up. Air purifiers are a good way to improve indoor air quality. They use several different technologies to remove substances from particles in the air or remove the particles altogether. As such, they can prevent air from being contaminated, or speed up the rate at which contaminants leave the air.

Many air purifiers use filters to capture airborne particles. Others, like the Airfree air steriliser, use heat sterilisation technology that destroys bacteria in the air instead of trapping them. Heating up the droplets makes them smaller, so they carry fewer viral particles.

Airfree incorporates the exclusive patented Thermodynamic Sterilisation System technology — inspired by the boiling water sterilisation process — to eliminate bacteria, fungi, viruses, pollen, pet allergens, dust mite allergens, and other organic airborne pollutants that cause allergy attacks and asthma. In fact, Airfree products are said to be able to destroy 80.5% of the COVID-19 viruses when released into controlled chambers.The absence of filters makes these air sterilisers maintenance-free as well as more pocket- and environment-friendly. Households with babies will be pleased to know Airfree air sterilisers are completely silent. Not only that, the absence of moving parts greatly reduces energy consumption. With its sleek designs, Airfree air sterilisers are both small and portable for easy installation.A FATHER’S QUEST
Airfree has an interesting beginning. The technology for an innovative air purification system was developed, thanks to the founder’s quest for an effective way to ease his son’s allergy attacks. With years of experience in product design, Carlos Mattias developed an innovative solution to eliminate allergens responsible for respiratory allergies. In 2005, Airfree launched its P air purifier range. Since then, the brand — manufactured in Portugal — has produced a variety of models to accommodate rooms of different sizes, from the entry-level P40 (up to 16sqm) to the powerful P150 (up to 60sqm). The Tulip Babyair series even has a nightlight projection that projects stars onto the ceiling to lull your little one to sleep.

Currently, the products are available in more than 60 countries across five continents, improving air quality in homes, hospitals, schools, museums, and hotels.

For more information, visit https://cleanair.fjbenjamin.com.sg/pages/air-steriliser-vs-air-purifier