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Choosing A Disinfectant

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How much thought do you put into selecting a disinfectant? We outline the factors you should keep in mind when you are scouting for one.

COVID-19 has brought about greater interest in maintaining hygiene in our environment. This is especially important in homes, which tend to harbour harmful microbes from people, pets and food. Besides cleaning and sanitising, including disinfecting to your hygiene routine adds another layer to your protection against germs.

There are many different types of disinfectants for use on surfaces. Some contain chemicals like alcohol, formaldehyde and ammonium compounds, while others use natural substances. Generally, most would agree that natural cleaners are better for health and safer for children, animals and the environment. Theo10 Pte Ltd, a company known for its natural, innovative and sustainable products, has come up with a Disinfecting Atomiser Solution (DAS), which contains approved ingredients and promises to be both safe and effective.

SAFETY ASSUREDWhen choosing a disinfectant for the home, many of us look for one that is safe and non-toxic, especially if we live with children or the elderly. DAS uses 60% fewer active ingredients and has a much lower flashpoint (risk of explosion), making it less flammable and reducing risks and hazards by at least 60%. On top of that, DAS does not decompose under high heat into carbon monoxide or hydrogen chloride gas, the latter of which is flammable and corrosive to the eyes, skin and mucous membranes. Being water-based, DAS does not leave behind any sticky or harmful residues and is food-safe

DAS contains ingredients in specific concentrations recommended by the World Health Organization, Environmental Protection Agency, and Singapore’s National Environmental Agency. A key ingredient in DAS is benzalkonium chloride (BAC). Commonly found in disinfectants used in the food industry, BAC is effective as well as environment-friendly. It is biodegradable and does not accumulate in the environment or organisms. Other environmental compounds help to break down the chemical so that it doesn’t spread through the ecosystem.

EFFICACY IN INACTIVATION OF BACTERIATheo10’s disinfectant and sanitising products have been tested to kill beyond 99.99% of bactericidal activities. The DAS uses positively charged ions to coat surfaces, granting an even and more effective layer of protection. It works by dissolving the lipid membranes of microbes, thereby deactivating them. It also physically ruptures viruses instead of chemically poisoning them, preventing mutation of super bugs, or different viral variants. Besides eliminating germs, DAS also kills and prevents moulds.As further proof of its non-toxicity and efficacy, Theo10 DAS has been tested and used daily in practical settings, such as homes with elderly, babies and pets. So if you’re looking for a disinfectant that keeps your home germ-free and gives you peace of mind, this is a product you should check out.

Who is Theo10?
Theo10 is a Singapore-based company founded by Theodore Khng in 2013 that manufactures 100% natural organic certified cosmeceutical products.


The name ‘Theo10’ embodies the company’s belief in creating products that have natural ingredients. Besides disinfectants, the company manufactures hand sanitisers and products for baby care, skincare and personal care in its newly relocated factory in Kaki Bukit. These products are sold in organic shops, hospitals, and major supermarkets. Theo10 products are verified by the Health Science Authority in Singapore since 2013, listed on NEA’s website, ISO9001-certified by TUV Rhineland since 2015 and Thailand’s FDA since 2016.

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