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Challenging Car Parks For New Drivers

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Away from the roads, nothing frustrates drivers more than entering a car park and finding themselves seriously tested on their manoeuvring skills. These locations can prove challenging even for seasoned drivers, so it pays for newbies to be extra cautious.

Time seems to stand still for a couple of car parks in Singapore, which have not changed much since the days when most cars were smaller than they are now by as much as a 55% difference in size. What that means is that today’s drivers are parking their cars closer to one another in these lots and negotiating tighter bends.


Video Credit: Carpark Of Singapore YouTube Channel

Anyone who has been to this mall can attest to the really tight corners and even tighter parking bays. There’s barely enough space for two cars driving alongside, and cornering to go up the levels can give a driver a mild heart attack when another car is speeding down the other way. Making an exit also requires deft hand-eye coordination as the 90-degree exit at a really odd location turns into a narrow pathway. It is not uncommon for some drivers to do a three-point turn just to get out!


Video Credit: Carpark Of Singapore YouTube Channel

It is mind-boggling to imagine what the architect was thinking when he designed this car park. Drivers turning into it will be faced with pillar upon pillar. And the ridiculous turning angles required of a driver is beyond comprehension. All that results in a whole load of blind spots, attested to by the numerous warning signs plastered on the pillars. This can get a seasoned driver, never mind a newbie, in a complete bind.


Video Credit: Carpark Of Singapore YouTube Channel

This popular but aging building has amazing food and shopping. Even its car park is ingeniously designed, with drivers going only one way with no overlapping traffic. However, the car park suffers the same issues as older car parks, one of which is that lots come in only one size — small. There have been cases where a car actually takes up more than one lot.


Image credit: Suntec City

Ever watched that Seinfeld episode where they couldn’t find their vehicle in the mall car park? That episode could have been filmed in Suntec City! This multi-centre, multi-complex car park covers the entire Marina Bay. Are you in the Red Zone or Green Zone? Wait, could it be the Orange Zone? With more than 3,000 parking lots available, drivers do need to take note of where they parked or they will have trouble finding their cars when they return.


This HDB car park is definitely not ideal for new drivers. Its entrance is pretty narrow, and the entire building is almost always dark, especially on rainy days. Upon exiting, you would have to negotiate a steep slope. Driving too fast down the slope can spell problems for your car, especially if it sports lower suspension. Patience is key — or you could try parking at JCube next door!

If you’re a new driver, avoid these problematic car parks. If you happen to be in one, slow and steady is the way — just ignore the honks!