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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Drive Safe

Does Safety Tech Lead To Safer Roads?

Determining car safety could be a balance of driver sensibility and modern safety tech. There’s no denying that car safety technology offers useful features that...

Stormy Weather

With Singapore prone to sudden downpours, drivers need to learn some practical steps to mitigate the increased risk arising from inclement weather. While a sprinkle...

Self-Driving Cars And Safety

What needs to be done to make them safe? The idea of a self-driving car used to be the stuff of science fiction, but such...

Cutting Cost

Planning to do more driving now that Phase 3 has kicked in? Here are handy tips to help you reduce your car’s running costs. Owning...

Changes To The Highway Code

What do they mean for drivers and pedestrians? The issue of road-related accidents is a constant problem that local authorities have to grapple with, and...

Spot Them Before They Spot You

Being able to identify traffic enforcement cameras can help you prepare for them before it’s too late. Here is a guide to the different...

Getting Your Pre-Owned Car Evaluated

Why you should get it professionally done pre-purchase If you are in the market for a pre-owned car, you’d no doubt be taken in by...

Co-Existing Safely With AMDs

Learn what steps have been taken to ensure that Active Mobility Devices (AMDs) can co-exist safely with other road users. Growing cities often face problems of...

More Surveillance & Camera Monitoring

Is that the answer to better driver safety? We have come a long way from having traffic enforcement officers manually noting down licence plates of...

Unexpected Driving Obstacles

Sometimes, we experience situations that make our drive a little challenging. Here are some tips on what to do about them. Life has a habit...