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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Drive Safe

Toning Down Road Rage Through Tech

Clever technologies could improve driver wellness and reduce their stress levels, keeping road rage at bay and everyone else sane and safe. In a fast-paced...

Bigger, Not Better

Cars are getting bigger, but drivers are not getting better. And those who have problems handling a big-sized car are giving other road users a headache. American carmakers...

Fit To Drive

What are the medical conditions that could affect your ability to drive? Read on to find out. A driver in the United Kingdom suffered an...

New Car Safety Features

A new wave of car safety technology brings new levels of driving safety for consumers. There used to be a time when a car’s only...

Safety & Big Data

Connected cars are helping authorities improve driving and safety conditions by providing useful on-board data. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 1.35 million...

Cruising Through Your Vehicle Inspection Experience

To ensure that vehicles on our roads are properly maintained, the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) requires all road vehicles in Singapore to go...

Car Maintenance: 5 Key Areas

Routine maintenance is vital to keep your car running smoothly for longer. It also keeps you safe. Here are five areas of your car...

New Normal For Drivers

The COVID-19 situation is likely to last for some time, so developing these habits when driving will help keep infections at bay. The COVID-19 pandemic...

Taming Temperamental Teens

Teens tend to be rash and emotional; hence, it’s a good idea to allow them behind the wheel only after you have taken the...

Does Safety Tech Lead To Safer Roads?

Determining car safety could be a balance of driver sensibility and modern safety tech. There’s no denying that car safety technology offers useful features that...