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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Drive Safe

More Surveillance & Camera Monitoring

Is that the answer to better driver safety? We have come a long way from having traffic enforcement officers manually noting down licence plates of...

Unexpected Driving Obstacles

Sometimes, we experience situations that make our drive a little challenging. Here are some tips on what to do about them. Life has a habit...

Back To Basics

Refresh your memory with these basic traffic rules — and the price you’d have to pay for breaking them.  Since most of us have...

How Safe Is Your Car?

This is a common question posed by vehicle owners, as a safe ride is the universal concern of drivers and passengers. Car manufacturers don’t just...

Restrain Yourself!

If you drive, ensure that you and all your passengers — including those in the backseat — put on regular seat belts or appropriate...

5-Step Seat-Belt Test

How to check if your child is ready to use the seat belt. In Singapore, the law requires anyone below 1.35m in height to be...

5 Smartphone Apps You Can’t Do Without

Download these for a safer driving experience! Distracted driving due to cellphone usage — especially texting — is a leading cause of car accidents. Thankfully,...

Arrive Alive

Avoid actions and habits that may compromise your safety. Are you aware that 116 people died as a result of road accidents in Singapore in...

What Do I Do Now?

Staying calm and collected when you’ve just been in a car accident is easier said than done. That’s why it’s important to know what...

Female Driver Alert!

While female intuition may be well and good, numerous traits that women drivers tend to display actually compromise the safety of all road users. Women...

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