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Drive Safe

The Dangers Of Speeding

Driving over the speed limit can be extremely dangerous to the driver, passengers and others on the road. Last year, a car crashed into a...

Car Fires: Can They Happen To Me?

Car fires here are, thankfully, not very common. According to the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), an average of 200 car fires occur in...

Senior Drivers’ Safety

Most seniors love the independence that driving offers, but as age catches up with them, their motor skills and reactions on the roads are...

Drowsy Driving

We are constantly reminded not to drink and drive, but let’s not forget that tiredness and drowsiness have similar effects as consuming alcohol: they...

Stop Speeding

In a survey conducted by AA Singapore on speeding, respondents revealed why they think drivers resort to speeding, and the best means of preventing...

Stay In Control On The Roads

You cannot control the actions of fellow drivers, but updating your defensive reactions and actions can help you take charge and avoid an unfortunate...

The Damage Potential Of Potholes

When encountering potholes on the road, it’s best to avoid driving over them, as hitting potholes could result in a number of safety and...

Tips For Nervous Drivers

For some, driving evokes stress or nervous feelings. Here are some ways to deal with that kind of anxiety so that you don’t become...

Driving Skills For A Safer Drive

Driving may not be intrinsically easy, but drivers can adopt simple techniques for a safer, more effective drive Practice makes perfect they say, and that...

Water, Water Everywhere

During the wet seasons, heavy rain can lead to flash floods. Here are some tips to help you negotiate a flooded road. WHAT PRECAUTIONS SHOULD...