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Drive Safe

Choosing The Right Floor Mats

Car safety is more than just brakes and seat belts. This may come as a surprise for some of you, but your car’s floor...

Accelerating Out Of The Pandemic

The start of the pandemic in 2020 signalled a very different world for many of us. In the automotive world, car factories and car...

Positioning A Child Car Seat

There are many things you can do to ensure your child is safe while riding in your car. One of them entails installing your...

When To Use Hazard Lights

Most drivers are not aware of when to use hazard lights. The misuse of hazard lights can potentially lead to misunderstandings and cause a...

Staying Safe While Cycling

Since COVID-19 struck, cycling has become a popular means of transport and exercise. If you’re thinking of following the trend, here are the rules...

Installing Your Child’s Car Seat

Many parents find it challenging to install their child’s car seat. That could be one of the reasons many car seats are installed incorrectly....

Changing Lanes

Learn how to switch lanes properly and legally, and avoid mistakes and behaviour that may result in an accident.  Changing lanes is the simple task...

Car Stopping Distances Explained

Knowing your car stopping distances is extremely important to avoid a collision. There are various factors at play but, essentially, it is the sum...

Look Back Longer

Experts concur that facing the back for as long as possible is the way to go. When a child is in a rear-facing seat,...

Are Touchscreens Safe For Driving?

These days, every new car model introduced has some form of a digital infotainment centre dominating the dashboard. Physical buttons and dials are rapidly...