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Arrive Alive

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Avoid actions and habits that may compromise your safety.

Are you aware that 116 people died as a result of road accidents in Singapore in 2019? The national injury toll is also worth noting: more than 7,000 people sustained injuries on the roads that year.

Unfortunately, as motorists, not many of us give enough thought to car safety when we get behind the wheel. Here are some reminders to keep safe in and around our vehicles.

Focus On Driving 
We may be proud of our ability to juggle multiple tasks, but doing so while driving is, to put it plainly, dangerous. When we are behind the wheel, nothing is more important than keeping our eyes on the road and being aware of what is happening around us at all times.Manage Your Time 
Being in a hurry for work or an appointment may cause you to drive distractedly or at a higher speed. Set your alarm clock a few minutes earlier so you can leave for the office with time to spare. Factor in extra time in case you encounter accidents along the way, or need to stop for petrol.

Put Away Your Phone 
Using mobile phones and texting while driving is undoubtedly one of the most common distractions among motorists. A 2010 National Council Safety estimate revealed that drivers who talk or text while driving are four times more likely to be involved in a road accident and are involved in 21% of all car crashes in the United States. You may think hands-free cellphones are safe, but listening while driving can be equally distracting. Experts advise that, when it comes to handphones and driving, the best policy is: out of sight, out of mind!Keep Your Distance 
Driving too closely behind someone, also known as tailgating, is considered extremely dangerous. The recommended safe following distance follows the three-second rule. This means the time difference between the back of the vehicle in front and the front of your vehicle should not be less than three seconds. In wet weather, drivers should increase this to six seconds. The safe following distance should give the driver enough time to stop if the vehicle in front stops suddenly.

Stick To A Lane 
Don’t invite trouble by constantly changing lanes. You may think you can shave off a few seconds by doing so, but you are more likely to cause a collision, especially in heavy traffic or bad weather. What’s more, it’s unlikely to get you very far. Change lanes thoughtfully and with consideration so that you don’t pose a threat to your fellow motorists.

Safe Driving Workshop 
Instead of relying on all this theory, why not gain real-world experience practise these measures and more at AAS Academy’s Safe Driving Workshop. For more information, visit: https://aasacademy.com.sg/our-services/driver-and-fleet-training/safe-driving-workshop

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