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Academy Helps Businesses Enjoy Cost Savings

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AAS Academy partners Sompo Insurance and shares how their crash prevention course can help lower premiums and claims by the insurer’s clients.

AAS Academy partnered Sompo Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd to provide Crash Prevention Course for businesses with high claim rates on their insurance policies, to help improve their safety records. More was shared at an event on 19 March 2019 where Academy demonstrated their course capabilities to agents, financial advisors, as well as selected clients who may benefit from this programme.

Having great crash prevention awareness not only saves lives and limbs, but is also less of a drain on the pockets for businesses. Having a high claim rate will lead to higher premiums when it is time for the insurance policy to be renewed.

Prevention through education
AA Academy’s Crash Prevention Course covers the following areas:

  • Why crash happens
    – Studies have shown that human error is involved in as many as 90% of all accidents.
  • How training can help you prevent it
  • Building awareness in:
    • Managing environment, vehicle, speed and safe distance
    • Managing concentration and fatigue levels
    • Vehicle safety
    • Raise driver risk awareness on consequences of unsafe driving behaviours
    • Encourage self-observation and promote learning opportunities
    • Improve road safety best practices

To better bring across these messages, the Crash Prevention Course makes use of actual crash videos to showcase driver mistakes and through a software simulator to create crash scenes for illustrations. The course aims to debunk common misconceptions and myths and reinforce facts crucial to achieving the needed road safety.

As part of the partnership, Sompo recommends their clients with high claim rates to attend AA Academy’s Crash Prevention Course; in effort to help their drivers minimise their risk of accidents, which may help reduce their claims and prevent their premiums from skyrocketing.

Thinking of organising a talk on road safety or crash prevention for your organisation? AAS Academy’s courses and workshops can be specially tailored to suit your organisation’s needs. Want to know how Academy can help you? Contact them via phone (6333 8811) or email (academy@aas.com.sg).