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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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While everyone can take their own photos these days with a smartphone, there are times when it may be worth availing yourself of professional studio photography.

Almost anyone who owns a smartphone can be a photographer. But when it comes to preserving memories of special occasions or having photos with a professional touch, studio photography is still the go-to option.

Having one’s photo taken in a studio was not unusual decades ago, when not everyone owned a camera or knew how to operate one. Just flip through an elderly relative’s old photo album and you’ll find black-and-white photos of birthdays, family reunions and, of course, wedding couples — all taken professionally in a photo studio. I even recall seeing a photo of my mother-in-law and her friends in various poses on a ‘ship’ — a manual cut-and-paste job by the photographer, in what can be considered the 1960s version of Photoshop!

There are many other occasions that call for studio photography. It can be about celebrating life’s major milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries and graduations; getting everyone together for an extended family photo; or simply projecting a professional image for your LinkedIn profile.

After all, if it is a photo we want to hang on the wall, preserve for future generations, or even hand out to prospective employers, we trust the professionals to bring out our best. The professional photography studio has value-added features that take it one notch above your self-taken and home-printed photos.

For the Expertise
A professional photographer is the special sauce that turns a good shot into a great shot. A good photographer is skilled at capturing the best angles and making the subjects feel at ease. Within the studio, the photographer is also in control of the lighting. This allows him (or her!) to set the desired tone, mood and atmosphere.For the Hassle-free Convenience
Signing up for a one-stop pre-wedding photography package is a common option for couples in Singapore. This often comes packaged with rental of the wedding gown, dinner and tea ceremony dresses and accessories for the bride, suits for the groom, as well as hair and make-up for the couple. It is convenient and saves time for busy working couples.

While outdoor and exotic overseas location shoots are popular among many young couples, there are also those drawn to the cool comfort and hassle-free terms of traditional photo studios. With photographers getting increasingly creative when it comes to props and backdrops, all you need to do is focus on your partner for that epic romantic shot.For the Creative Extras
Modern photography studios offer a whole range of services to stand out from the competition. Many also come packaged with a team of hair and make-up stylists as well as clothes and accessories to make you look your best.

Gone are those tacky backdrops and awkward props (parasol, anyone?). Instead, we have studios that offer unique themed sets, such as giant popcorn and pizza props that draw out the natural playfulness of kids. Some even offer fascinating backdrops to make a child’s fantasy come true. Imagine your child’s joy at being immortalised in a poster as their favourite Avengers character or the Disney Princess of their dreams!

If you regard your pets as part of the family, there are pet-friendly studios that will pull out all the stops to create a stress-free environment to capture natural shots of your fur babies. These studios may also offer costumes and accessories for a pet makeover, or even pet-sized furniture for that regal kitty portrait.

For those who believe a professionally taken photo makes a powerful statement, there are studios offering fine-art quality portraits for professional profiles and glamour makeovers.

For a Polished Ending
Some photo studios offer digital touch-up services for your photos, polishing up images for that flawless finish. To ensure your precious picture remains near perfect for a long time, you can have your photos printed on archival quality paper. These are premium photo paper stock that promises the print quality lasts longer than normal photo paper.

The type of photo paper stock offered differs from studio to studio, so confirm with them before you commit to make sure you know what you are getting. I’ve seen wedding portraits from a famed local photography boutique develop yellow spots within five years because of the inferior paper used.

That said, even the best photo papers can be put to the test in our hot and humid climate. Avoid displaying your photos in direct sunlight — sunlight contains harmful UV rays, which can discolour your prints over time. Humidity also affects the quality of your photo prints.

If storing in an album, invest in photo archival albums that use acid-free paper. Even adhesives used should be marked ‘acid- and lignin-free’.  From experience, if you keep photos away from light and air, they generally fare well.

Some studios have creative offerings for post-production, ranging from hand-made high-quality albums to frames, canvases and other products. Some also offer the option of a digital album, which you can easily share with friends and family online.  Just make sure the images are of a high resolution, just in case you also wish to get them printed.

Take Your Best Shot
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