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5 Smartphone Apps You Can’t Do Without

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Download these for a safer driving experience!

Distracted driving due to cellphone usage especially texting is a leading cause of car accidents. Thankfully, there are apps to the rescue. Motorists can make use of them to avoid mishaps and reach their destination in a responsible manner.





This app addresses a major cause of distracted driving — reading text messages while behind the wheel. It works by disabling all the textual applications in your mobile phone, thus encouraging safer driving.

*Available on Google Play





This popular app abides by the motto, “no distractions, no excuses”. It allows you to direct incoming calls to voicemail, mute incoming texts, and send an automatic response that you are driving. A paid version of the app, called Drive Smart Plus, automatically turns on the programme by detecting when the vehicle is moving. Drive Smart has an additional function: it analyses your driving abilities. All you have to do is to download the app, register and record all your trips in order to analyse how you drive. What’s more, certificates are awarded for good driving. In addition, users are able to win awards as well as participate in community challenges.

*Available on App Store & Google Play





Engaging a designated driver is not only safer for times when you are not in a condition to drive, it could also save on unnecessary cab fares and overnight parking charges and fines. WAV has designated drivers who can help transport and ferry users to their destination, whether it’s getting them home after a night out on the town, taking them to the airport, or fetching their kids from school when they are too busy to do so. Unsure of your whereabouts? WAV conveniently auto-detects your current location and links you to the nearest available designated driver. The base charge is $38, with extra charges for additional pick-ups.

*Available on App Store & Google Play


This app has the location of all speed cameras in Singapore and lets you know you when you get within 1 or 2km of it. It also signals if you are travelling above the legal speed limit. As it is designed to work with the phone’s GPS system, you do not have  to be online for it to work.

*Available on Google Play


This app promotes safe driving behaviour by reducing driver’s distractions on the road. It pairs up with a telematics device — the AXA Microtag — for a number of safe-driving benefits. The Safe Driving Alert is a real-time friendly ‘beeping’ alert that notifies you about unsafe driving events, as well as prevents phone distraction and speeding. You will also get rewarded with points for driving safely, which can then be used to redeem e-vouchers. On top of that, the AXA Microtag connects with AXA SmartDrive Safe app via Bluetooth for Automatic Driver Recognition to provide emergency roadside assistance in the event of a serious accident or car breakdown. You need to purchase an AXA SmartDrive Safe motor insurance policy to have access to this app.

Available on App Store & Google Play


This app simplifies the process of calling for roadside assistance: you dont have to describe your breakdown location as it will be clearly indicated via your GPS. This

makes it especially helpful if you are stranded in a difficult-to-describe location. Following that, you will receive a verification call from AA Singapore and a service recovery crew will be assigned to you with real-time notification when they are on their way. If you are not in your car, you can tap on the map to set the location of your vehicle or use the input box above the map to enter the address, postal code or landmarks in the vicinity. Not a AA Member yet? Sign up here to join us as a Member!

Available on App Store & Google Play

Another way you can be a safer driver is by going through AA Academy’s Safe Driving Workshop. Modules in these workshops include Speed Awareness, Space Management and Environment Management, all of which are vital to safe driving.

Sign up now and you will receive a complimentary one-year AA Ordinary membership upon successful participation. This membership can be added to your existing membership or transferred to another person (if you are a AA Life Member).

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