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5 Items Under $20 That Will Make Driving a Pleasure

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Gadgets and accessories that will make your drive smoother without busting your budget.

Even as we look forward to the easing of Circuit Breaker measures, it is still wise to isolate ourselves as much as we can so that we can review the COVID-19 situation before entering an increasingly opened-up society.

Since shopping is almost a national pastime, you must be itching for some retail therapy. To be safe, we recommend that you indulge online to prepare for the day when you can take your car out for a spin again!

1 Vehicle Battery Voltage Meter Monitor Tester Checker
This nifty device displays the voltage of the battery in your car, which helps you manage it better, thus ensuring that you’re never caught flatfooted by battery trouble. Affordable and simple to use, the gadget is powered by your car cigarette lighter charger. Furthermore, the bright LED display allows you to read it conveniently from a distance.

Available from Lazada: $5.28

2 Car Seat Neck Pillow

Driving for long periods can take a toll on your body, with your back and neck taking the most beating. Now you can keep your body in a comfortable position with this trusty car seat neck pillow. Made of high-quality Danny leather, its non-deformation space cotton cushions the neck against sudden impact. You can even take it along with you when you take a plane or train.

Available from Ezbuy: $5.69

3 Portable Car USB LED Air Humidifier Diffuser Essential Oil Aroma Mist Purifier

Tired of the smell of your air freshener? Time to replace it with a durable and easy-to-operate aromatherapy mist purifier. This product will provide aromatherapy while you are driving, making you feel refreshed and ensuring that you’re in a good mood. Available in four different colours, this diffuser disperses the oils evenly throughout your car.

Available from Ezbuy: $9.21

4 Hiqueen Universal Car Auto Brake Clutch Steering Wheel Lock Anti-theft Security Tool

If you worry about your car every time you park it, a steering wheel lock can offer you some peace of mind. Not only does it stop your steering wheel from moving, it is also a visual deterrent that will keep thieves at bay. This double steering wheel lock adjusts to fit all steering wheels and is easy to operate.

Available from Lazada: $19.79

5 Car Crescent Buzzer LED Display Parking Sensor System Kit 4 Sensors 22mm For Car Reverse Backup Radar Monitor Detector System

If your car doesn’t already have a parking system with sensors, you should look into installing one. This affordably-priced four-sensor system comes with a LED bar-styled unit that tells you visually and audibly how far you are from the closest object behind you, letting you park without getting too close to objects. It helps prevent nasty collisions and provides increased safety for passengers, pedestrians and family members who happen to be around the moving vehicle.

Available from Lazada: $14

All photos courtesy of the respective online stores.